Enabling growth in SMEs

We work with stakeholders to deliver unique projects and initiatives that are essential for sustainable and inclusive business growth in South East Nigeria to local entrepreneurs and businesses

PathtoGrowth Artisanal Skills Program

We work with artisans and trade associations in improvement of their productivity through training and coaching. This enhances quality of their products, through training product quality control, refresher courses for mastercraft people, sharing of training resources and brand advertising/marketing.

PathtoGrowth Microloan Project

This is an access to finance project which enhances financial inclusion for MSMEs through introduction to ‘cluster savings groups’ and micro-loan facilities for small businesses. Financial education is a strong part of this project.

Policy Advocacy & Education

As an economic rights organization we engage in advocacy and stakeholders sensitization on policies and regulations that affect the well being of entrepreneurs. We intervene in issues of Accountability, Taxation, Financial regulations, freedom of Information, governance, ease of doing business, etc

MSME Empowerment Programs

Under these programs, we provide enterprise education and sustainability support to micro, small and medium scale enterprises in the areas of business registration, development of mission/vision for their businesses, talent acquisition and management, workforce development, process documentation, access to finance and government incentives relevant to them, use of simple technological applications.

Pathtogrowth SME Incubation Centre

The incubation centre is being established to contribute in solving the problem of inadequate support structure, mentorship system for incubating,4 accelerating and developing traditional SME business ideas by young people in the southern region. Local SMEs receive administrative and legal assistance in incorporating businesses and have the opportunity to meet and work with fellow entrepreneurs, pitch their ideas to investors and interact with experienced business advisors through meetups such as #GrowEnterpriseClinics. We assist and guide our clients and participants to translate their ideas into 'commercially viable' business models and, develop actionable and bankable business plans and all the support in starting, running and funding the business.


We engage in market research that look into questions relating to small businesses in Rural Africa especially in terms of their support needs, productivity, trends and impact on economy. We work with partners on such projects 7

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